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  Expository Writing(说明文写作)

    Write an essay comparing a Chinese festival and a western festival of your choice. Please note that the two festivals should have something in common and you should introduce both the similarities and differences between the two. Write at least 300 words but no more than 500 words.









   Different cultures throughout the world have their unique historical background that contributes to a multitude of distictive customs, as exemplified by festivals. Barely do people associate Chinese festivals with western ones. However, Christmas in western countries and the Chinese Spring Festival show features in common in a sense.

   In terms of similarities, family renuion and mirth of gatherings are the main themes of Christmas and the Spring Festival. During these two festivals, family members show a ardent desire to return home and hold family parties even if they live far from their home. In China, airports, train and coach stations are crowded with passengers who come all the way from their workplaces to hometowns even though it is a long and arduous journey a few days or weeks before the Spring Festival. Similarly, before Christmas, one can see a spectacular scene in American highways and epressways in main cities because most of them work in metropolis and they head for their home that is always located away from busy city centres.

   Another common feature is the colour of clothes they wear during two festive days. That is red outfits. In Chrismas, people in western countries often wear red sweaters, hats, gloves and even socks, and they think the colour, red, represents Christmas Father because he impresses people by his light red coat and hat with a red bag filled with intriguing presents for children. By the same token, red stands for vigor, optimism and dynamism in China so Chinese people often wear red clothes or those with hue of red to show the festivity and happiness on the Spring Festival.

   With regard to differences, it is obvious that their origins are utterly different. The Spring Festival, the beginning of the whole year in Chinese lunar calendar, can be dated back to thousands of years ago when farmers celebrated the onset of the year and harvest they gained. In contrast, Christmas originates from the background of Christianity to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. On top of that, decoration is not identical at all. Before Christmas, people will place artificial Christmas trees beside furnace and fireplace and they will hang misltoes on the door. In comparison, Chinese people will paste couplets by side of the door and "Fu" (a Chinese character with auspicious implication) upside down in the hope that luck will soon come to them.

   Although western and Chinese festivals are not the same, but they are never completely incompatible and different. Subtle connections can be found if one links them together.





  例子:It’s not surprising that the majority of Chinese mobile netizens are the 80’s generation and the early 90’s generation. In a certain sense they’re the lucky ones. They’re born in a time when China is transforming, when the primal seeds of concept of the Internet were sowed in this old country. No wonder they naturally proceeded to become the pioneers on mobile networks consequently with their open mindsets that are more susceptible to new ideas and technologies.



  问题二:main point不明确,前后不一致

  例子:To begin with, the components of a Chinese name are the same, that is, a family name and a given name. In a name, the family name is in accordance with their genealogy. For instance, the widely used family name is "Zhao", "Qian", "Sun", "Li" and so on in Chinese characters. Some family names consist of 2 Chinese characters, for one thing, they are called "doubled family names" like "Ou Yang" in Chinese, for the other, each of these two characters come from their parents respectively and they are combined into a "doubled family name".

  解析:这篇作文的题目要求是Name giving,这段文字是整篇作文中的一个段落。蓝色字体的部分中,to begin with引导了一句话,推测应该是这个段落的topic sentence,主要讲的是汉语名字由family namegiven name组成。但是我们再往下读就会发现,整个段落一直在讲family name,并没有提到given name,段落中的描述与段落开头的topic sentence并不相符,造成了前后不一致。


  问题三: 信息不准确、无关联

  例:From 3 to 15 years old, the Chinese school system can be divided into 3 stages: pre-schools, primary schools and secondary schools.


    As an adolescence, we step into secondary schools. There are 3 years learning journey.





  例一:At the first glance of the chart, the colored lines not only attracts but also amazes me most. Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou are the most developed and advanced cities in china. While to people's surprise, their AQI (air quality index) are more terrible than expected.




  例二:The Chinese school system is famous for oceans of exams and strict life, but that‘s not all of it. We acquire knowledge and enjoy the feeling of being a champion in the exams, we learn to behave ourselves and obey the rules to become a team. All systems have their advantages and disadvantages, and our Chinese school system certainly is not the best for all children. But …









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