2019 "FLTRP · ETIC Cup" Academic English Speaking Contest

2019/11/28 00:13:57
       In response to the call by the Ministry of Education to cultivate high-quality professional talents, in support of the “Double First-Class” initiative in higher education, as well as to promote China’s international academic influence, the Organizing Committee of the “FLTRP · ETIC Cup” will hold an Academic English Public Speaking Contest during the 2019 National Final of the English Public Speaking Contest. The Contest aims to encourage students to demonstrate and discuss academic issues in English with reference to their disciplines and to improve students' capability in academic exchanges.
       All the contestants who are eligible for the National Final of 2019 “FLTRP · ETIC Cup” English Public Speaking Contest can take part in the Contest.
       November 20th – 24:00, December 4th, 2019 

The Preliminary Contest

       A 300-word abstract for the presentation should be submitted to uchallenge@unipus.cn. No delayed abstracts will be accepted.

       The abstract should not include any information that identifies the presenter, e.g. the person’s name, affiliated institutions, location, etc.

       The abstract will be reviewed for 1) relevance to the topic; 2) compliance with general guidelines; 3) academic skills and literacy expressed.

       The judging panel will review and select 20 speakers for the Final Contest. On December 8th, results of the review will be announced on the official website http://uchallenge.unipus.cn/.

The Final Contest
       15:00-17:00, December 10th, 2019

       All contestants should give a 3-minute presentation on the released topic. Each presentation will be followed by two questions. 

       PPT slides and/or other visual aids (e.g. Prezi, video, infographic) can be uesd. All visuals aids need to be in English.

       World heritage buildings record the development of human civilization. They preserve the past, mirror what we live with today, and are a legacy we pass on to future generations. Despite their historical and cultural value, some buildings have suffered devastating damage in recent years. To address various problems concerning the protection of these precious world heritage buildings, solutions from different disciplines are called for.
       Suppose you were to give a presentation at an academic forum, proposing solutions for the protection of world heritage buildings from the perspective of your discipline. You can choose your subtopic and decide the title of your speech. You may choose a specific building or talk in general about preservation.
       Required Content
       Identify at least one problem in protecting/preserving or restoring world heritage buildings;
Provide, from within your academic discipline, well-researched solution(s) to the problem(s);
Explain the importance of suggested solution(s).
       Grand Prize: to the champion of the Contest. The Grand Prize winner will receive a certificate and will be awarded a pair of AirPods.
       First Prize: to the contestants ranking 2 to 4 in the Contest. First Prize winners will each receive a certificate and will be awarded a Kindle.
       Second Prize: to the contestants ranking 5 to 10 in the Contest. Second Prize winners will each receive a certificate and an award (A JD gift card of RMB 500).
       Third Prize: to the contestant ranking 11 to 20 in the Contest. Third Prize winners will each receive a certificate and an award (A JD gift card of RMB 200).