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        Read the beginning of the story below and complete it in 600-800 words.
        The alarm wakes him. Lin jumps to his feet. Thursday, December 6, 2035, perhaps the most important day in his life. After a series of online tests he has made it to the final stage: a face-to-face interview. He dresses himself quickly but carefully. He is well aware that he will face four competitors, two humans and two humanoid robots. He was not quite sure who were the humans during the online conversations, though. Well, he doesn't really mind working with a robot which has human intelligence and emotions as well as a human face and flesh; nor does he mind taking it as an equal.
        Will he be one of the two luckiest to get the job? He's ready to be tested…
       为真实展示选手赛场上的写作风貌,文章为从iTEST 大学外语测试与训练系统中摘出的原生作品,仅供学习分享使用。
        Lin's friend, Lee, is one of the competitors. They grew up together and surely he is the one Lin least expects to see. Lee is not prepared to be eliminated, though. He has obtained a PhD degree from a prestigious University. For the last two months, the HR manager has been inviting him to apply for this position. It seems pretty obvious that Lee, this young and accomplished man, with a bright future ahead of him, is definitely going to get the job, even though he will confront those so-called mighty robots.
        "What is that again? Human Intelligence." He scrolls down the web page introducing the types of the two humanoid robots he is going to meet. "I prefer this one. She was set to be more docile. She might be a good friend, well, when I am in need."
        "Type C112345." Lee tells the type of that female robot to phone.
        "And what level of control would you like to access, Sir?" coming from the other end of the phone.
        "Well, let's make it the top level." He replies. After paying 1o, ooo grand for it, he receives a link to an application called RB control.  He opens the app, and laughs out insanely when the control options pop on the screen.
        With his head held so high and hair pressed so neatly, he enters the company gate. He turns off his phone, and starts glancing at people, until he finally sets his eyes on a similar figure of a man.
        "Lin! My old friend! What a surprise!" Lee marches forward.
        Lin, on the other hand, is not so pleased to see him. His body freezes when that very voice of Lee's comes from his back." Dear Lord, please, not that man." And as he is praying, he turns to the origin of the voice. Well, here Lee is, with that neatly pressed hair like cold stone and that oily warm smile.
        As Lee is shaking his hands and hugging him from various angles, the HR manager approaches, calling the two guys inside and that is when Lee is finally able to let go of Lin's fragile body. Lee naturally sits in the very middle of the room, while Lin gets a seat beside Lee, and the three other competitors enter. Lee stares at the only lady. The lady is wearing a very decent black dress and looks absolutely smart. He instantly takes out the phone and starts to change everything.
        "Intelligence, down to 4. Eloquence, down to 3....." As he murmurs, the brightness in the lady's eyes start to fade. She was talking to one of the men, but suddenly, she was stammering and speaking with a lot of grammar mistakes. 
        " I name is Mary. I from near and I want get this job...."  The lady starts introducing herself, and apparently, this introduction is not good enough.
        "I am sorry, but are you sure your name is Mary? As in , the Mary whom I sent the interview offer to?" The HR manager speaks with slight irritation, while he is flipping Mary's file.
        Tear starts to fill the lady's eyes. She cannot explain what is going on with her brain.
        Lin has witnessed everything about Lee manipulating this lady. He pinches Lee's left hand and says, " Stop it right now, or I will report you I swear it!"
        Lee gives him a pat on his back ," Well, mate, you haven't changed a bit. "
        Lin feels disgusted; he raises his hands and asks for permission to go to the toilet. Lee as well, says he wants to go along. The second after they leave the room, Lee stops Lin and whispers," I want to show you something. Shh, promise me you will not laugh out." 
        Before Lin can refuse, of course he knows it is going to be about insulting the poor lady inside, Lee starts to make changes again. "Intelligence, down to 1. Eloquence, down to 2. Temperament, let's, make it, bad." again, that smile appear on his face." You know, Lin, I wasn't going to get this far. I was going to make her just a little less excellent than me. But now that you are going to report me. I might as well jeopardize everything. Andthat is so fun, just look at her!"
        The lady is speaking, but no one can understand. She is sweating and everyone inside seems reluctant to listen to her. And she starts yelling, screaming, stomping her feet like a crazy woman.  In the end, she slams the door and runs away, as Lee watching her and laughing.
        Lin runs after her, calling out her name," Mary! Mary!"  and finally able to stop her from running any further. “I know that you are a humanoid robot. I just want to tell you the truth. My friend Lee has been changing you statistics. And that is why you are acting all strange inside. If you are willing, let's go back inside, and I will give you justice."
        "I know." Mary wiped away her tears and sweats.
        "What?" Lin seems confused.
        "It is just the way it is. It is our business. We act like being controlled, because that is what you human beings are obsessed with, isn't it?" She says it so easily, and starts to adjust her collars and dress.
        "No, I assure you not. No one is like Lee, he is crazy, and I assure you no one is as crazy as him!" Lin tries to explain.
        "Thank you. I know you are not like him. You are one of the good ones. But, brother, I have made a lot of money doing this; so, stay out of my business, will you?"
        Lin watches Mary walk away with all her poise. And he is just not able to explain anything anymore.


        这篇作文的语言并非亮点。虽然语言能够表达故事发展,对话也算流畅,也能够刻画和烘托人物性格,换言之,从句法和词汇使用来看还可以。但是,从语言的规范与整洁角度,这篇作文不能称为高水平的范本。这些细节方面的瑕疵几乎遮掩了词汇使用上的优势。问题表现在至少两个方面。第一,拼写(如1o,ooo等)、空格(如多余空格、上引号后空格)、标点(如逗号句号之前空格而之后不空格、不规范省略号等)方面的疏忽过多。卷面不够neat。第二,出现一些不该出现的语法错误。如,动词用法的错误:tell sth. to sb.;甚至流水句:My friend Lee, has been changing you statistics, that is why you are acting all strange inside等。故事虽好,但这些不规范的语言使用给人不够严谨的印象。
        这里,想再说两句续写故事任务所要求的创造性思维和批判性思维能力。人们常将创造性思维(creative thinking)与批判性思维(critical thinking)对立起来,其实不然。缺乏想象力可能是因为缺乏批判性思维能力。创造性思维与批判性思维密不可分(“Criticality assesses; creativity originates.”)。(有关创造性思维和批判性思维之间的关系,这里不赘述。感兴趣的同学可以阅读“思想者系列丛书”之《批判性思维与创造性思维》。)